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  • Writer's pictureDr. Brooke Grant Jeffy (Dermatologist)

Harness Joy for Health and Well-being: Why It Matters

You know that feeling when you get a hydrating facial treatment and your skin is a healthy pink and plump? That feeling when you look in the mirror and see yourself glowing back at you. That is joy. Having healthy skin can certainly improve confidence and inspire joy. Maybe skin health is more of a trigger for me than others. I am a dermatologist after all! But obviously there are so many other experiences, sensations or thoughts that can bring joy. Connecting with your spouse, being goofy with your child, or achievements at work, to name a few. Accomplishing health related goals should also bring joy - maybe meeting your step goal or a nutrition ideal. The point is there are so many opportunities to experience joy, no matter what your focus is, and no matter how big or small the accomplishment or moment feels.

Why does joy matter? Joy makes it all worth it. It is one thing to commit to taking care of yourself or others. Making choices that may be hard, but that align with your goals. But if you never experience joy as a payout, what keeps you motivated? Joy is so important in our lives and drives so many of our choices and commitments. The improvements you see and feel in your body after working out more regularly spark joy, so you continue. Shared moments of joy bond us to our children. Taking care of them is hard, but isn’t a shared laugh so worth it?

Joy is a manifestation of connection to ourselves and others, which are two incredibly important factors in overall health and wellness. Joy actually increases substances in our brain that contribute to happiness. Research has shown that joy and happiness promote longevity and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Joy makes life worth living and gives us health. Look for it and cherish it.

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