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How Mood Impacts Health Success

If you are currently struggling to reach your health goals or struggling with health concerns, I want to help you.

But before we tackle your particular challenges, let me tell you a secret I’ve learned from YEARS of coaching clients across the country.

We need to focus on your mindset and your mood first and foremost.

Both are impacting your body’s natural ability to heal and overcome health challenges, and your ability to implement habits that get you to your goals.

Here’s an example of a “plan gone wrong” when we don’t work on these powerful mechanisms of change first.

Picture a client going to their Doctor’s office. They are anxious and have been on edge for a while because they can’t figure out what’s wrong with their health. It’s been keeping them up at night - thoughts of ‘worst-case scenario’, overwhelm, feeling tired, angry, and afraid of what their doctor might say.

The Doctor has their lab results in hand and finally, they know what’s going on! They express to the patient for the first time that they have X condition that is curable, but they must complete a lengthy protocol to heal.

The Doctor wants to help the patient feel better as soon as possible. There’s only one issue: They immediately dive into the protocol while the Patient is still reeling mentally from the results. They are a bit confused as this is new for them, scared by thoughts like “How can I make ALL these changes?” and their anxiety is throwing them into a state of fight or flight. Their mind is so loud with chatter they want to go home, turn on Netflix, and drink a bottle of wine.

Do you think from that state the Patient is immediately ready to tackle their issue and heal their body? HECK NO!

While the hypothetical Doctor had good intentions and wants to educate and inform the patient how to get well (and yes, that conversation does need to happen) giving a Patient a long plan or protocol to follow after receiving a diagnosis can be daunting. Many Patients throw in the towel before they’ve even started, thinking "It's too hard to be healthy” or other defeating thoughts.

Here’s the solution: The patient needs coaching support and to prioritize boosting their mindset and mood those first couple of weeks!

Now I’ll give you an example of how I’ve seen this work countless times with clients seeking nutrition guidance.

I’ve had people come to me who are at the end of their rope. They’ve tried working on their health a million times, read a bunch of books and internet articles, did several cleanses and diet protocols, yet still feel confused, inflamed, anxious, depressed, and haven't reached their goals. This leads to an unhealthy relationship with food and a vicious cycle of guilt.

Am I going to simply put that client on a “diet” and send them on their way?

Again, HECK NO!

I must address their current frame of mind and current mood that is either perpetuating the mindset, or the result of it. I know that if I can help them begin to shift their mindset to what’s possible, to being accepting of their current state while hopeful they can create a better future, and give them “bite-sized” things to do in just those first 2 weeks of working together, we can move mountains.

I love it when after only 2-4 weeks of working with me, my clients exclaim proudly with a gleam in their eyes “I had no idea this was possible! I feel great! My mood is better, my energy is better. I’m not crashing late in the day. I’m sleeping better too! I feel like from this state of mind, I can tackle my next health challenges with greater ease.”


Science has proven how much mood and mindset influence our physical health. Our thoughts and beliefs impact our words, our behavioral choices, and therefore, the results we get in life! Thoughts and feelings can lead to greater inflammation OR greater calm in the body. Talk about powerful. So knowing that mindset and mood can quite literally make or break our commitment to our best health, shouldn’t we start there? It’s my firm belief we must.

We use our unique coaching methodology to help shift all our client’s mindsets coming in (and therefore their mood) to create a positive ripple effect on their daily diet and lifestyle choices. Those choices in turn create more energy and a positive mood which starts to show up in and permeate all other areas of their life: physical health, relationships, community, home life, work-life, vocation, and so much more. And with that fresh perspective, they can tackle any health challenge.

Never underestimate the power you already have inside of you to succeed with your health by prioritizing mood and mindset.

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