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How to Achieve Healthy and Balanced Hair with Feng Shui Elements

Feng Shui has been used for centuries to help guide people in their lives and bring about positive changes. It’s a traditional Chinese art form that involves the placement of objects, in indoor spaces, creating good energy flow known as Chi to bring harmony and balance into one’s life. However, most do not know that Feng Shui also applies to us personally. We are all energy, and our Chi is directly influenced by the 5 Elements of Feng Shui.

In general, choosing hair styles and colors that are reflective of the 5 elements can help to align you with your goals and intentions, while also helping to bring balance into your life. If you prefer soft waves, this is reflective of the Water element which expresses creativity and ability to flow with the ups and downs of life. If you have a meticulous haircut and platinum blonde or grey color, it symbolizes the Metal Element-precise and pure of intention. Yellow, sunny hair speaks of the Earth Element-grounded, dependable, and joyful. Bright red hair is the Fire Element- passionate and exciting. Wood Element hair can be thick and straight cut with a straight edge-representing renewal and growth.

Healthy hair is an important aspect of personal Feng Shui, as it is seen as a reflection of your overall wellbeing. To maintain healthy hair according to Feng Shui principles, you may want to consider things like eating a healthy, seasonally influenced diet, and exercise regimen. Using clean, wholesome, hair products can be part of an essential self-care routine, as well as hair styling techniques, and daily enriching hair care practices. Overall, when it comes to hair and Feng Shui, there are many different factors to consider resulting in uncovering the best approach for you. With a bit of experimentation and some guidance from this ancient art form, you can achieve hair that is truly marvelous!

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