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Let's Talk About Uncluttering

This single word, unclutter, at this time of my life is fairly anxiety provoking. I have recently written about being in the midst of this great transition period, and over the last few weeks, I have been in the most tumultuous of this time. As I deal with all these moving pieces in so many aspects of my life, there is clutter everywhere mentally and physically. My to-do list is cluttered and never ending. My home office is cluttered with boxes and items as I transition from one practice and open a new one. My mind is cluttered with doubt and worry, as I wonder if my new ventures will be successful. Am I doing the right thing for my patients and professional life? Will I be able to support my family during this transition period? I have also just noticed that my closet is now bursting at the seams. Literally everything in my life feels cluttered.

But I know this is just the way it has to be right now. Lots of things are going down at once over here and left unchecked. I could easily collapse with the stress and be paralyzed by anxiety. But times like this are exactly why it is important to be dedicated to healthy habits and have them in place. I know that continuing to focus on a plant-based diet is minimizing body wide inflammation that can contribute to anxiety. My brain is trying to generate enough of that already! I know the importance of adequate sleep in minimizing the negative effects of stress on the body. I continue my exercise and yoga regimen even when my brain tries to talk me out of it, because I know these also work to reduce stress.

The other thing my life is cluttered with though is the support of friends, colleagues and family. I have done hard things before and worked through the clutter previous situations created. I remain positive I will be able to do it again by taking care of myself, leaning on my support system, and focusing on my desire to help others.

Staying committed to your healthy habits will give you the strength to deal with the clutter both inside and out that life throws your way.

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