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Marvelous Hair

Happy New Year to all! This new year, 2023, is destined to be the year of complete 'Enthusiasm' -- a year in the making that can be all that we want it to be'! Including MARVELOUS HAIR!

When we think of the word ‘Marvelous,’ we can almost see the smiles beginning to form even when we simply say the word... it's a word that means ‘great wonder, extraordinary, extremely good or pleasing, even splendid.’

Thankfully, we can use this word to bring positivity to how we approach our day and how we interact with others. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to explore what it means to combine ‘Marvelous’ with ‘Hair’ and see what creative thoughts it might generate. Fun, amusing, inspiring – simply great thoughts. In fact, 'Marvelous Hair' is a whole category of thoughts. How do these two words make you feel? It would be great to get your thoughts, so please share with me whatever comes to mind, and please do send me a note

Meanwhile, our panel of experts have also crafted their best insights about ‘Marvelous Hair,’ and those are outlined below in this edition of The Ballou Review. Please enjoy. And, to kick things off – here is a question and a perspective. How does ‘Marvelous Hair' influence how you think about a person, and how someone with not such marvelous hair might make you think and feel about that person! And for a fresh perspective – Try to think about reaching into the soul of a person before you become judgmental and get to know the whole person, and when you do, you may just find that everyone has 'Marvelous Hair!'


“Instinct is a marvelous thing.

It can neither be explained nor ignored.”

Agatha Christie

“I make hair contact before I make eye contact.”


With Gratitude – Karen Ballou Founder & CEO IMMUNOCOLOGIE Skincare

📌 P.S: I'm on the cover of New York Lifestyles Magazine's January 2023 issue, talking about my natural approach to healthy skin at any age. Check out my story, tips, and how understanding ingredients and healthy habits support overall well-being. Learn more about me and my company, Immunocologie, by reading the full article here.

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