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Question: Is it OK to be ‘Not OK?’

Updated: May 25, 2022

When was the last time you sat back and asked yourself a life question like this?

We look at our reflection in the mirror, and although we are one physical person, we see two reflections – two different perceptions of the same person – yourself. One of the reflections is the one that we always strive and sometimes struggle to be – the one that is ‘OK.’ The other reflection is the one we sometimes have to admit that we are at that very moment. The one that is truly not ‘OK.’ And, I love a quote by my great friend, Yamuna Zake, founder of the Yamuna wellness brand, who captures this feeling so eloquently:

“There are moments in our lives where we hit rock bottom and feel lost and despondent. Yet, this is exactly when there is a chance to look at our lives and decide to make positive change. When we can’t find our way out, is when some of our most profound insights and life changes can occur.”

When this ‘not OK, you’ is the one that is staring back at you in the mirror, what do you do? How do you handle it? And, is there an opportunity for growth and self-development in this process?

These questions form the theme of this edition of The Ballou Review, and our expert contributors weigh-in to share their unique perceptions and expertise. I hope that you find their insights helpful, and that you come away inspired to address your own journey with renewed enthusiasm.

With Gratitude,

Karen Ballou

Founder & CEO



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