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The Key to Balance is Feeling at Peace With Your Priorities

A balanced life sounds great, right? But what even is a balanced life? Is it the same for everyone? Is it easy to get?

I am not sure I have ever led a balanced life. In my many years of training to become a dermatologist, balance was not really an option. I lived and breathed dermatology when I was not being a mom. My son is older now so those mom demands are a bit less but my relationship with work continues to evolve. While I may not be studying constantly, I am now running a solo private practice with all its demands. I certainly take care of myself to a much larger extent and make wellness practices and my health a priority. But for sure my professional life has, does, and likely will always, eclipse the rest. I think this is the balance for me. And I suspect many of you are in a similar situation. Maybe it is work or raising a family or caring for a family member that dominates your time, energy and thoughts. And maybe those demands fluctuate with time. I am just here to say that your balance may not look like anyone else's, and accepting that may be the first step to balance.

To me, balance is feeling at peace with my priorities and how I spend my time. I certainly think that ongoing curiosity about how you spend your time and why you let certain demands take your time is important. Like so many things that improve our health and wellness, striving for a balanced life requires commitment. Commitment to figure out what balance means to you in the face of all we have to juggle. Commitment to constantly asking if we are achieving that balance. Commitment to acknowledge if we are failing and determining why. Commitment to take the steps needed to correct.

Commitment to maintaining whatever your balance is will only have positive effects on your relationships, health and stress management. If you know what balance is for you at any time, you have a clear framework to guide your choices for optimum health and happiness.

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